What to do, what to do…

The World Series has begun. Now, I’ve been rooting for the Giants AND the Rangers during the playoffs, But now the two are facing each other for the World Series Championship, what is a gal to do?

The Rangers have a place in my heart because a good friend is a scout for the Rangers, as well as the pitching coach for one of their farm teams. He’s taking his whole family to the game in Texas.  This is probably the closest tie to a MLB team I’ve ever had. Or ever will. I’d love to see Holman get a ring for his work with the organization.

But, there’s the Giants. I can’t help it, I love the Giants. And who could resist a team of celebrities, such as Wilson from Castaway.

Or that kid from “Dazed and Confused,” Mitch Kramer. Okay, I know all of the comparisons have been made, but I still love to yell “Strike ’em out, freshman!” whenever Lincecum is pitching.

Either way, I’m torn. Hometown ties or celebrity look alikes…hmmm. I’m going with the black and orange. After all, it is Halloween.

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