Blame it on the heat

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I’m blaming it all on the heat.

Feeling a little cranky (It’s the heat).

Not motivated to blog  (Too dang hot).

Can’t get into the writing groove ( It’s a million degrees outside, what do you expect?).

Not really up to going anywhere (In this heat, I’ll sweat to death before I reach my car).

Hating my clothes (When it’s hot, who wants to wear clothes. They just get all sweaty).

Don’t want to cook dinner (Who feels like eating when you’re pretty sure you’re dying of heat stroke).

There’s nothing good on television (it’s too hot out AND it’s baseball season. Ick on both counts).

I’ve been drinking way too much beer lately (a person can only drink so much water or Gatorade when the heat index surpasses 100 degrees).

And so it goes. August in Kansas. Not a pretty thing.

2 thoughts on “Blame it on the heat

  1. Oh Man! I do not miss that heat. And hear I was getting ready to write to you and ask if you would like some coffee from my neck of the woods.


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