Hey, Joe Dimaggio

The first thing I do when I arrive at work is make coffee in my personal Mr. Coffee pot which sits readily at my desk. Accessorized by KMUW mugs, my personal coffee pot helps me  begin the day with a cup of fresh coffee, usually from Starbucks or the Spice Merchant, and not the free coffee supplied by my employer. While this is a generous gesture, the coffee provided is stale at best and does not perfume my office area with the aroma of brewing goodness. My personal coffee pot also provides company. No, I do not carry conversations with my tiny maker, but when Chandra worked alongside me, we shared many a morning cup, an occasional afternoon cup, and plenty of conversation. I miss those coffee convos so much I’m thinking of starting “coffee with Natalie,” a personal invite to a co-worker to join me for a cup. I’m thinking of doing these small gatherings on Friday or Monday mornings. I’ve yet to work out the details.

But this morning, my newly purchased, updated version of the 5-cup Mr.  Coffee pot decided it was time to meet his maker.

Not a good way to begin a morning. At least, not in my book. My first impulse was to pack it up, fake a stomach ailment, drive home and crawl back into bed. But I persevered. At lunch, I returned the two-week old pot for a new one. So while it’s 90+degrees outside, I feel the need to brew up a pot. Afterall, to begin the day mid-afternoon is better than no beginning at all. I’m all out of sorts and slightly confused, and actually choked down a mug of the free stuff, so a mug of fresh brewed Pike’s Place Roast just might set me right. And after all, he is a cute little guy.

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