It’s not sports, it’s family…or I yam what I yam.

This past Sunday, before I headed to a bridal shower, I checked the battery on my phone, checked the time for the AFC/NFC playoff games, and posted on Facebook something about reminding myself that not every woman schedules her life events around the NFL, college basketball and other sports calendars. I'm the woman who set … Continue reading It’s not sports, it’s family…or I yam what I yam.

WuShock takes a tumble. Literally

When your fearless mascot takes a tumble down the arena stairs during the first half of the semi-finals in a tournament, call me superstitious but it's game over. Not only did Wu fall, but he suffered what was thought to be a broken ankle. Turns out it's a high ankle sprain, but nonetheless our Great Bundle … Continue reading WuShock takes a tumble. Literally

Right where we want ’em

Yes, it's taken me this long to get over the loss to Missouri State. Once again the Shox came out flat in the first half and their shining moments came too little, too late. I can't figure it out. Was  their lackadaisical first-half attitude throughout the season a result of being picked to win the MVC  title at … Continue reading Right where we want ’em