Privilege, Racial Equity & Family

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. My original plan was to share my story of life during those early days of the pandemic, but I quickly realized my privilege and once I did, my story was no longer important. I work for a foundation that invests money and resources into organizations and coalitions … Continue reading Privilege, Racial Equity & Family

Gratitude and Joy

Wednesday afternoon as the familiar smell of sweet potato pies filled our home, I took a moment to think about the year and was filled with an immense sense of gratitude. I try to always take a moment each day and be grateful, be it for a great work day, the weather, my family – even such small things as a beautiful sunset, the sighting of deer on my way home, a great book, a great sentence, an unexpected call from a friend.

Cooking for Comfort

I’m not talking a quick and easy throw-together meal, but a meal requiring time spent with a recipe I’ve possibly altered more than once and will continue to do so far into the future (there’s always a rewrite) or something new. The prep and pace should be savored just as the-end-result meal. Leisurely, slow-paced, sips-of-wine-in-between-stirs cooking.

My List of Grateful

This morning, while drinking coffee and bemoaning the coverage of the Thanksgiving Day parade (more floats, less guests!), I decided to fill one sheet of paper with what and whom I am most grateful. I could have filled more sheets, but since I need to getting prepping on that turkey, I limited myself to one. … Continue reading My List of Grateful

A Life Measured by the Soul- A Tribute to Jeffrey Lane Graber

The album was filled with glossy 4x6 photos. Photos of the red rose-bush tall against the wood fence; an upward shot of the aging basketball goal framed in Kansas blue sky, one single white cloud in the backdrop; a robin perched on the edge of the stone bird bath; a cardinal balancing among the branches … Continue reading A Life Measured by the Soul- A Tribute to Jeffrey Lane Graber

Blood Circle – A Tribute to My Best Friends

I am often envious of those whose friendships have endured since childhood, even high school. My brother is a prime example, as his circle of buddies has remained intact through the years. From the relationships he began in little league and junior golf to junior high and even as a high school transfer his group … Continue reading Blood Circle – A Tribute to My Best Friends

A Grateful Heart

Thanksgiving 2014 is in the books, as they say. It was a quiet day, spent with my husband and parents. Call me crazy, but I somewhat missed having too many people in an already crowded and warm kitchen, precariously stacked dirty dishes, having to place dibs on one of the bathrooms, and the beautiful din … Continue reading A Grateful Heart

Day #29 of Wild and Exciting Little Things: Sport Texting

My family loves sports. It's what we do, what we know, and what we love. My parents are big sports fans, so of course, my sister, brother and I continue to carry the torch. But, with my brother in Kansas City and my sister in Illinois, I miss watching games with them. Thank goodness for texting. I can watch a … Continue reading Day #29 of Wild and Exciting Little Things: Sport Texting