The NoMar Theater: the ghosts of our past, the hopes of our future

Near the corner of 21st and North Market Street squats an empty theater. Faded and neglected but not quite defeated, the NoMar Theater, along with the neighborhood surrounding her, has sat in wait – sometimes patiently, sometimes not. The NoMar is the centerpiece of Wichita’s North End, the historically Hispanic neighborhood, and depending on who … Continue reading The NoMar Theater: the ghosts of our past, the hopes of our future

In Celebration: a tribute

I’m often asked why I got into fundraising. I’ve heard it all, from “I couldn’t ask people for money” to “fundraisers are just glorified car salesman.” What people don’t understand is that there is so much more involved. We make connections, share stories, get to know one another and if the affinity for our mission … Continue reading In Celebration: a tribute

Our Stories, Our Rainbows

At my current workplace, I offer a weekly inspirational email each Wednesday. Words & Wisdom Wednesday offers a bit of push toward the end of the work week, a much-needed “we’re halfway there” in the form of prose, quotes, poetry or insightful thought. I’ve found it has accomplished what I’d hoped in that a few … Continue reading Our Stories, Our Rainbows

An interval

An incredible woman in my life recently lost her father. That one sentence tells you everything, without any history, without specifics, because it is enough to know that a girl, no matter her age, has lost her daddy. I'm going to share something with my friend, something I've shared with just a few others, something that helped me … Continue reading An interval