It’s okay to disengage

I’m sure there are those out there who will disagree, but for my own sanity and peace of soul, I’ve chosen to disengage from the news. Life bombards us enough throughout our daily lives with tiny hand grenades of flooded basements, ailing parents, lost pets, high-maintenance co-workers, health scares, and just being a parent, so … Continue reading It’s okay to disengage

More than Memories – a life in photos

My dad loves to take photos. From slides to 8mm, our family history is well-documented. Two or three handmade wooden cases contain rubber banded packets of slides catalogued by number, each one corresponding with the content list handwritten on the inside of the lid: #28- Christmas 1966, #48- The Farm 1974. The reels of movie … Continue reading More than Memories – a life in photos

Knowing and Acting

I’ve come to the realization that being an adult means knowing when something isn’t right for you and acting upon that knowledge by making a decision to change or stop whatever the something might be; even if it means feeling as if you failed, even for a moment, or having to explain multiple times the reason … Continue reading Knowing and Acting

At Long Last, a Writing Adventure Awaits

A few years ago, a colleague suggested I look into a writing residency. While my intentions are good, it is difficult to follow through on writing each day, especially with long work hours, family, and that pesky social calendar. A residency or retreat offers a writer space and lots of time to get lost in their work. … Continue reading At Long Last, a Writing Adventure Awaits

When you wish upon a…

Mid-January and I’m still answering the usual question. Did you make any resolutions? I wonder at times why we hang such hope on a new year. Why we burden ourselves with resolutions and determinations that will only bring guilt or a sense of failure to our freshly swept doorstep. I confess I used to make … Continue reading When you wish upon a…

Day ?? of Wild and Exciting Little Things: Housekeeping

There was a time I enjoyed cleaning the house. Running a dust cloth over the dining room table, mantel, and bedside tables was therapeutic. My mind would wander, an outline for a new short story created, day old anger vented with a sponge and Scrubbing Bubbles.  And at the end of a few hours, with everything back in its place, woodwork … Continue reading Day ?? of Wild and Exciting Little Things: Housekeeping

Breaking News (no, this is not Day #31, 32 or 33)

While I love technology, I hate it when my computer or laptop becomes ill. Apparently, my personal laptop has a virus, which has prevented me from posting daily. My hours and time at work are so strenuous, I'm not able to utilize my work computer (I'm quickly posting this while eating lunch and putting together … Continue reading Breaking News (no, this is not Day #31, 32 or 33)